Usually when someone thinks of a car, they automatically assume it's a gas guzzling piece of machinery that takes you from point A to B. In the past few years, companies such as Tesla have cultivated the electric car movement within the United States and other countries. Yet, to this day, not everyone is prepared to switch to the electric car. Why so? You may ask. Many are afraid of the electric range and charging stations. Yes, although there are charging stations, the amount of time it takes to charge an electric car far exceeds that of a regular gas car. If one was to want to drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, it would require, on average, about four to five hours to complete the trip. With an electric car, an extra hour and 15 minutes would be required if you needed to charge it fully back up to 100% from 0%. That would equate to a total of six to seven hours to complete the trip. Many purchase electric cars strictly for city driving because it doesn't require a huge amount of range and the miles between point A and B are far less than that of a trip to a city several hours away.